Monday, 23 January 2012

The internet was designed to break limits, not create them!

The internet is now succumbing to a crackdown of copyrighted material under the influence of the proposed acts  SOPA ( Stop Online Piracy Act) and The PIPA( Protect Intellectual Property Act) with Megaupload shutting down indefinitely under the federal law of United States of America.  One would say it is justice, but others say it is a degradation of freedom. Nonetheless it is an insult to those who  have sacrificed in the name of freedom; those who seeked knowledge and understanding.   With the owner of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, arrested, who was living in New Zealand at the time, it is now become more obvious that the US is trying  through all means to obtain more power, control and influence over other countries. 

 So what is SOPA and PIPA. Who proposed it, what impacts does it have and consequences it may have if it is pushed through? Well first of all it was proposed by Lamar S. Smith, also one of internet's worse enemy. The impacts and consequences can be summed by a quote by Brad Plumer, "at basic level, SOPA-and its senate analogue, the Protect IP Act- would enable copyright holders and the Justice Department to get court orders against sites that ' engage in, enable, or facilitate' copyright infringement. that could include sites that host illegal mp3 or sites that link or such sites ( the revised House bill focusses primarily on foreign sites ).  Courts could bar advertisers and payment companions such as paypal from doing business with the offending sites in question, order search engines to stop listing the accuses infringers, or even require internet service providers to block access entirely

In the ironic twist of fate, his own site for the SOPA bill has some copyrighted problems of its own.  A person called Jamie Lee Curtis Tatete researched deeply into Smith's campaign site . It turns out the images on Smith's site was harder to source  which meant the owners was not acknowledged properly  Then Tatete found  a picture of a "idyllic backwoods scene "was by photographer DJ Schulte. DJ Schulte said the photo was listed as creative commons - anyone could use this image so long as he was credited.  But what appears to be is that the site did not. Forbes have described Smith as "hypocritical".{ which  precisely true}Because the internet is linked so thoroughly, severing them will be catastrophic as anything  can be considered a crime, even the Smith himself can be charged for not crediting the photographer.  How can an Act be put forward if the owner contradicts it?

I'm pleased that many big names have opposed to these acts such as Wikipedia- who blackout english version for 24 hours- Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Twitter, including Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg who wrote this Anti-SOPA massage on his Facebook page: " The internet is the most powerful tool w have for creating a more open and connected world. We can't let poorly thought out laws get in the way if the internet;s development…we will continue to oppose any laws that will hurt the internet," This suggest that this bill is majority unfavored by the public as it is hurting not only the flow of information but also the way the information is being published.  Even human rights organisation such as Reporters without Borders, The electronic Frontier foundation and the Human Rights watchs are getting involved inoto opposing the acts. 

You may not currently care, or even give a damn to what SOPA and PIPA may have upon the internet but you will soon.   Already with Megaupload gone, whose next? Our songs? Our network sites, and then freedom of speech? " Imagine a World without Free Knowledge."~ Wikipedia. 

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Sorry haven't been posting things for a while now( I think its been two weeks), but never fear I'm  still there. Unfortunately the busy weeks ahead of me won't quell till the end of the month, hopefully, but I will promise that I will be posting at least three more before the month end. {Note this as a news years resolution}.

This morning  I found this amazing statement abut Art, which pretty much sums up post-modern art; the art movement that parodies, satirises, and appropriates  infamous or famous scenes/subject matter/ ideas etc during the 20th century. Indeed art is the best way to challenge reality. Science once did but gave a more non-bias reality to the current reality at that time. So now art is the best way to challenge reality( I think) it addresses not only the moral values, but also immensely on the social aspect of society which transcends the reasons why we create actions that sometimes have consequences. e.g consumerism that results in devastating the natural environment on the earth. 

Do you have any thoughts about it ? You know this statement does suggest in its own right  a literary artwork. I mean, this statement is like challenging reality itself by making it plain obvious with the connotation of words and size difference of the words themselves to highlights the essentials ones. Even the colours creates a sense of plain- obvious looking.  
Warning: If you fin the F-word offensive, pretend it never exist as you will be acknowledging what the word means.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 is here

2012 is here

I finally farewelled 2011 and welcomed 2012 . 2011 at the end  (for me) was a bittersweet conclusion - I managed to secure a life after high-school , and bitter in that I missed out on some opportunities  that i wish i could of taken part that would of helped me this year. I guess this happens for a reason but I'm determined to not have that chained me down. With plans already set in place and new lifestyle and new time( especially during the day) I should be able to do a lot of productive things this year. But I will make sure it will be different from last year.

One cannot imagine how stressful last year was until you walk a mile in my shoes. In saying that those who were involved in the WACE exams, especially coming from my schoo would know what I mean.  I'm just happy that I won't have to go back to that awful era which I can title it "The Era of Self-Doubt."

I can finally end the demons  of the era that seek to destroy me. After receiving my ATAR results on wednesday (which I found out after receiving random phone calls at work from my fellow peers whom were panicking) all the fear of not getting into university disappeared. All the emotions that terrorised me had vanished.  I knew why - it was over. The numbers were there. It was released telling me to welcome the future.

But I cannot deny or pretend that I was both pleased and disappointed in my ATAR ranking. I'm pleased in that I got into university, but disappointed that I knew I could of had a much better score if things had not blocked in my way. What I can proudly say is I can finally farewell high school and never again look at those subjects ever again. I plan to make myself having nothing standing in my way. It may sound selfish but I must now be in order to succeed. Cold in truth but somewhat human the next. Competition is always there in the real world and I won't be over-taken by others by my own weaknesses. 

With university ahead of me this year, I anticipate  where it would lead me to. I hope I can use my strengths to an advantage more often and not so much to my weaknesses, and I also hope I don't get sleep-deprivation at the start because that would be the irony of what it means to be organised. 

I'm hoping 2012 will be a great year for me. But hope is not not enough to guarantee one.  It is only when  you do things that make it great.  Therefore I have been organising life around met. I got a diary to write down what i need to do ( which the first week is already filled,) learning French  so I can proudly to say I can speak three languages fluently in the next year or so, plan to put more of art into the public eye, working, and learning to drive.

Glancing back at 2011, I can not believe it has finally ended. I cannot wait to get out into the real society which I've waited so long. 

Sunday, 18 December 2011


 Have you ever been so mad that it  controls you? Has  it ever perpetuate a character you do not wish to become? Or has it enable you strive for success, or the very goals that you set out to do . Emotions are what makes us humane but in another sense it can also makes us inhumane. Like many other homo sapiens, our emotions tie in with out intelligence. Therefore we are easily controlled, influenced and manipulated by our  own emotions.  our emotions is internal to our identity in being the human being.

Emotions can be used for great purposes.  These emotions we have are what makes us human or humane. When we  experience the feelings of kindness, caring and happiness we give a warm energy to the atmosphere which can brighten surrounding people.  We use them to convey an empathy for others. We use these emotions to feel the sense of pain and despair of another. It is how we can understand each other and  a way to let people out there they are not alone.  Emotions can bring out determination and motivation. The feeling of that sensation, that aura that needs to be channel into something productive. it can also create inspirations and dreams. 

But in another sense it can make us inhumane. Our emotions can control us and how we live. our emotions are mis-used for obtaining that invisible power and authority over others.  Our emotions can drive us to the walls, slamming ourselves and along with everyone else caught in its direction. It can inflict pain and sadness and a feeling of lost sense of purpose to yourself and others. It can crush dreams and the very future we hope to strive for. We lose ourselves as our feeling towards caring for others is erased so much like a chalk-duster wiping the chalk off the board.

Emotions of love can manipulate of who you are. It can make people do some crazy things in order to satisfy the desire( depending on gender), such as creating a character of what is completely opposite of yourself, or doing impulsive things, sometimes it can be threatening to one's health.  Emotions in love is what i called it a "hurricane." Beautiful yet destructive .  Beautiful as I saw a couple so happy as thiough everything was one with the universe, but I'm reminded of the sadness of relationship break-ups and divorce and so forth.

I think emotions if conjured in a negative way is truly the Achilles heels. Lately I've been doing that and I seriously have doubts on my future as the ATAR scores are drawing near. Panic attacks are getting more frequent. I can't change the past nor the future. My future is rested upon a ranking that I think is somewhat flawed- it does not show a person's capabilities and commitments in the real. I know there is more than having a giant brain and being timed in a stressed environment is not exactly like the stress at work. Trust me if you haven't.

Emotions can be positive and negative for one's mind. But imagine if all emotions were gone for a day. How interesting would be it. I would imagine it sounding like the speakers of the computer reading of what is written.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Living is Work

 when I finally get the time to write up a post I  suddenly procrastinate an hour or so... Woops!!!  But like any other humanoid creature, I need a balance between my busy side with my lazy side. But it seems that it occurs at the worse moments; when I need to do things that are important, or when I want to feel like doing it but don't because I'm tired. 

 I cannot beleive i survived last week. Had so much on my plate. literally! I had so many lists of "things-to-do" that by the time  I finally get an updated list, i need to throw out a bag of now out-dated list of things-to-do. 

Because I'm on "holidays" people tend to assume that I'm lazy and should do something more productive. in a sense its true, there are more to things in life than doing nothing. and it is  better to point out. I just think people to lay it off when you can tell he or she has so much to do in such little time. 

But before you start criticising me I ask you; have u ever worked after-school for the past 6 years nearly every single day. and manage to do  your homework?

The advantage of working however, is the money $$$ . But that is also a disadvantage. the other day i bought the book " the philosophy of Andy Warhol". Now its one of the best 9.95 I've ever spent. he is such a character. I wish i could of met him. There is  one nice quote summed up my relationship with money that I found in the book so funny yet true. 

"I just not happy when I don't have it. The minute i have it, I have to spend it. And I just buy stupid things. "

Unfortunately I splurge on books and confectionary items- I gotta stop eating them. But could not resist the macarons.  delicious it was- I will be back for more.  

The weather has been strange lately. I can never trust the weather crew anymore. It's so contrasted that I'm forgetting that now its  Summer.  They ought to be more careful with their wordings such as not using "bizarre."This puts me off  as the last thing I need is Transperth to say they are delaying their services due to weather conditions.  But I suppose I will learn to use it more effectively as such would a every day business man who also catch the same buses as me,  everyday of every week. Its part of life and I must adapt to it  in order to succeed the dream of freedom I venture for.

What I'm predicting this week will be filled with? Money and no life as i will begin my seven day a week( till end of the month) work session. Maybe then I can finally be the  selfish person  that i desire free from the burden of others. 

a blog for an upcoming blog :P

People, I shall be posting a new blog tomorrow. Stay tune... Or read a book and anticipate for the new, perhaps paragraphs of nonsense writing I will be publishing tomorrow . 
not my work. ironically this could be depicting me as the one that is eating these buildings. I like the idea of taking back for what is "mine"

Right now, my existence lies  deep in the  abyss where fantasy becomes my new reality for maybe 7-8 hours( 9 if I'm lucky).  Where will I be taken this time. I wonder if its the realms of success, fame and fortune. That would be a boring dream. boring dreams are dreams where things are made predictable an more likely to cause you to have a shit night. Don't worry, constipation can be compensated. 

So anyways, until i find the magical portal or be in the situation like "Alice" in the wonderlands, I won't be able to do so. unless i sleep walk. 

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The menacing pink elephant.

Why did I draw a pink elephant in my art journal? Why does it have to be pink? Why does it have to look cute? Why is it coloured in watercolour? Who makes these ideas of a pink elephant? 
Answer: By drunken people who undergo alcoholic hallucinosis in which I've diluted into a a rather comical and friendly creature. 
Water-based ink pen, Artline-drawing system( 0.1mm), and artline- fineliner (0.4mm) ~ thanks Salt Melts for giving me these awesome pens and other arty stuff :)

I kind of feel sorry for the  people who do see pink elephants when they are drunk. Not  because of their liver, but because they are stuck in a reality where they cannot escape, bounded by the chemicals they digested. it cannot be removed  unless it is (painful)  rejected into  a pool of mess and horror, at near death. Pretty scary don't you think. If not, then how would you feel  if you saw a pink elephant that only you could see?

Saving up for a camera  to show of my presence of a  setting in my wonderful adventures is lately a flaw from the start. cannot save up. spend too much. and now the all-time consumer event - Christmas- is coming by slay soon.  

 Recent adventures  examining the high-rise buildings, after a dreadful experience in navigating the streets of perth via google map. yes, I didn't feel like god- frustrated at the fact I couldn't manoeuvre  that well as it should of been. And there wasn't even traffic to begin with 

I want macrons. Saving up for a pack of  24  this week. Will I have enough for both the camera and the macarons? But first I gotta find the cafe... I'm terrible with a map without its north bearing.    
Here's another hint of my upcoming artwork........ coffee...... the smell of coffee whiffing through my room making me feel as though I'm in a cafe, and I have a sudden urge to read a book .