Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 is here

2012 is here

I finally farewelled 2011 and welcomed 2012 . 2011 at the end  (for me) was a bittersweet conclusion - I managed to secure a life after high-school , and bitter in that I missed out on some opportunities  that i wish i could of taken part that would of helped me this year. I guess this happens for a reason but I'm determined to not have that chained me down. With plans already set in place and new lifestyle and new time( especially during the day) I should be able to do a lot of productive things this year. But I will make sure it will be different from last year.

One cannot imagine how stressful last year was until you walk a mile in my shoes. In saying that those who were involved in the WACE exams, especially coming from my schoo would know what I mean.  I'm just happy that I won't have to go back to that awful era which I can title it "The Era of Self-Doubt."

I can finally end the demons  of the era that seek to destroy me. After receiving my ATAR results on wednesday (which I found out after receiving random phone calls at work from my fellow peers whom were panicking) all the fear of not getting into university disappeared. All the emotions that terrorised me had vanished.  I knew why - it was over. The numbers were there. It was released telling me to welcome the future.

But I cannot deny or pretend that I was both pleased and disappointed in my ATAR ranking. I'm pleased in that I got into university, but disappointed that I knew I could of had a much better score if things had not blocked in my way. What I can proudly say is I can finally farewell high school and never again look at those subjects ever again. I plan to make myself having nothing standing in my way. It may sound selfish but I must now be in order to succeed. Cold in truth but somewhat human the next. Competition is always there in the real world and I won't be over-taken by others by my own weaknesses. 

With university ahead of me this year, I anticipate  where it would lead me to. I hope I can use my strengths to an advantage more often and not so much to my weaknesses, and I also hope I don't get sleep-deprivation at the start because that would be the irony of what it means to be organised. 

I'm hoping 2012 will be a great year for me. But hope is not not enough to guarantee one.  It is only when  you do things that make it great.  Therefore I have been organising life around met. I got a diary to write down what i need to do ( which the first week is already filled,) learning French  so I can proudly to say I can speak three languages fluently in the next year or so, plan to put more of art into the public eye, working, and learning to drive.

Glancing back at 2011, I can not believe it has finally ended. I cannot wait to get out into the real society which I've waited so long. 

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Sujana said...

I can relate to the fear of not getting accepted into a university!! It's so horrible lol...but nothing beats knowing you got accepted :D

Best of luck in university!!

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