Sunday, 15 January 2012


Sorry haven't been posting things for a while now( I think its been two weeks), but never fear I'm  still there. Unfortunately the busy weeks ahead of me won't quell till the end of the month, hopefully, but I will promise that I will be posting at least three more before the month end. {Note this as a news years resolution}.

This morning  I found this amazing statement abut Art, which pretty much sums up post-modern art; the art movement that parodies, satirises, and appropriates  infamous or famous scenes/subject matter/ ideas etc during the 20th century. Indeed art is the best way to challenge reality. Science once did but gave a more non-bias reality to the current reality at that time. So now art is the best way to challenge reality( I think) it addresses not only the moral values, but also immensely on the social aspect of society which transcends the reasons why we create actions that sometimes have consequences. e.g consumerism that results in devastating the natural environment on the earth. 

Do you have any thoughts about it ? You know this statement does suggest in its own right  a literary artwork. I mean, this statement is like challenging reality itself by making it plain obvious with the connotation of words and size difference of the words themselves to highlights the essentials ones. Even the colours creates a sense of plain- obvious looking.  
Warning: If you fin the F-word offensive, pretend it never exist as you will be acknowledging what the word means.

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