Monday, 23 January 2012

The internet was designed to break limits, not create them!

The internet is now succumbing to a crackdown of copyrighted material under the influence of the proposed acts  SOPA ( Stop Online Piracy Act) and The PIPA( Protect Intellectual Property Act) with Megaupload shutting down indefinitely under the federal law of United States of America.  One would say it is justice, but others say it is a degradation of freedom. Nonetheless it is an insult to those who  have sacrificed in the name of freedom; those who seeked knowledge and understanding.   With the owner of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, arrested, who was living in New Zealand at the time, it is now become more obvious that the US is trying  through all means to obtain more power, control and influence over other countries. 

 So what is SOPA and PIPA. Who proposed it, what impacts does it have and consequences it may have if it is pushed through? Well first of all it was proposed by Lamar S. Smith, also one of internet's worse enemy. The impacts and consequences can be summed by a quote by Brad Plumer, "at basic level, SOPA-and its senate analogue, the Protect IP Act- would enable copyright holders and the Justice Department to get court orders against sites that ' engage in, enable, or facilitate' copyright infringement. that could include sites that host illegal mp3 or sites that link or such sites ( the revised House bill focusses primarily on foreign sites ).  Courts could bar advertisers and payment companions such as paypal from doing business with the offending sites in question, order search engines to stop listing the accuses infringers, or even require internet service providers to block access entirely

In the ironic twist of fate, his own site for the SOPA bill has some copyrighted problems of its own.  A person called Jamie Lee Curtis Tatete researched deeply into Smith's campaign site . It turns out the images on Smith's site was harder to source  which meant the owners was not acknowledged properly  Then Tatete found  a picture of a "idyllic backwoods scene "was by photographer DJ Schulte. DJ Schulte said the photo was listed as creative commons - anyone could use this image so long as he was credited.  But what appears to be is that the site did not. Forbes have described Smith as "hypocritical".{ which  precisely true}Because the internet is linked so thoroughly, severing them will be catastrophic as anything  can be considered a crime, even the Smith himself can be charged for not crediting the photographer.  How can an Act be put forward if the owner contradicts it?

I'm pleased that many big names have opposed to these acts such as Wikipedia- who blackout english version for 24 hours- Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Twitter, including Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg who wrote this Anti-SOPA massage on his Facebook page: " The internet is the most powerful tool w have for creating a more open and connected world. We can't let poorly thought out laws get in the way if the internet;s development…we will continue to oppose any laws that will hurt the internet," This suggest that this bill is majority unfavored by the public as it is hurting not only the flow of information but also the way the information is being published.  Even human rights organisation such as Reporters without Borders, The electronic Frontier foundation and the Human Rights watchs are getting involved inoto opposing the acts. 

You may not currently care, or even give a damn to what SOPA and PIPA may have upon the internet but you will soon.   Already with Megaupload gone, whose next? Our songs? Our network sites, and then freedom of speech? " Imagine a World without Free Knowledge."~ Wikipedia. 

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