Saturday, 3 December 2011

The menacing pink elephant.

Why did I draw a pink elephant in my art journal? Why does it have to be pink? Why does it have to look cute? Why is it coloured in watercolour? Who makes these ideas of a pink elephant? 
Answer: By drunken people who undergo alcoholic hallucinosis in which I've diluted into a a rather comical and friendly creature. 
Water-based ink pen, Artline-drawing system( 0.1mm), and artline- fineliner (0.4mm) ~ thanks Salt Melts for giving me these awesome pens and other arty stuff :)

I kind of feel sorry for the  people who do see pink elephants when they are drunk. Not  because of their liver, but because they are stuck in a reality where they cannot escape, bounded by the chemicals they digested. it cannot be removed  unless it is (painful)  rejected into  a pool of mess and horror, at near death. Pretty scary don't you think. If not, then how would you feel  if you saw a pink elephant that only you could see?

Saving up for a camera  to show of my presence of a  setting in my wonderful adventures is lately a flaw from the start. cannot save up. spend too much. and now the all-time consumer event - Christmas- is coming by slay soon.  

 Recent adventures  examining the high-rise buildings, after a dreadful experience in navigating the streets of perth via google map. yes, I didn't feel like god- frustrated at the fact I couldn't manoeuvre  that well as it should of been. And there wasn't even traffic to begin with 

I want macrons. Saving up for a pack of  24  this week. Will I have enough for both the camera and the macarons? But first I gotta find the cafe... I'm terrible with a map without its north bearing.    
Here's another hint of my upcoming artwork........ coffee...... the smell of coffee whiffing through my room making me feel as though I'm in a cafe, and I have a sudden urge to read a book . 

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