Saturday, 10 December 2011

a blog for an upcoming blog :P

People, I shall be posting a new blog tomorrow. Stay tune... Or read a book and anticipate for the new, perhaps paragraphs of nonsense writing I will be publishing tomorrow . 
not my work. ironically this could be depicting me as the one that is eating these buildings. I like the idea of taking back for what is "mine"

Right now, my existence lies  deep in the  abyss where fantasy becomes my new reality for maybe 7-8 hours( 9 if I'm lucky).  Where will I be taken this time. I wonder if its the realms of success, fame and fortune. That would be a boring dream. boring dreams are dreams where things are made predictable an more likely to cause you to have a shit night. Don't worry, constipation can be compensated. 

So anyways, until i find the magical portal or be in the situation like "Alice" in the wonderlands, I won't be able to do so. unless i sleep walk. 

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