Saturday, 10 December 2011

Living is Work

 when I finally get the time to write up a post I  suddenly procrastinate an hour or so... Woops!!!  But like any other humanoid creature, I need a balance between my busy side with my lazy side. But it seems that it occurs at the worse moments; when I need to do things that are important, or when I want to feel like doing it but don't because I'm tired. 

 I cannot beleive i survived last week. Had so much on my plate. literally! I had so many lists of "things-to-do" that by the time  I finally get an updated list, i need to throw out a bag of now out-dated list of things-to-do. 

Because I'm on "holidays" people tend to assume that I'm lazy and should do something more productive. in a sense its true, there are more to things in life than doing nothing. and it is  better to point out. I just think people to lay it off when you can tell he or she has so much to do in such little time. 

But before you start criticising me I ask you; have u ever worked after-school for the past 6 years nearly every single day. and manage to do  your homework?

The advantage of working however, is the money $$$ . But that is also a disadvantage. the other day i bought the book " the philosophy of Andy Warhol". Now its one of the best 9.95 I've ever spent. he is such a character. I wish i could of met him. There is  one nice quote summed up my relationship with money that I found in the book so funny yet true. 

"I just not happy when I don't have it. The minute i have it, I have to spend it. And I just buy stupid things. "

Unfortunately I splurge on books and confectionary items- I gotta stop eating them. But could not resist the macarons.  delicious it was- I will be back for more.  

The weather has been strange lately. I can never trust the weather crew anymore. It's so contrasted that I'm forgetting that now its  Summer.  They ought to be more careful with their wordings such as not using "bizarre."This puts me off  as the last thing I need is Transperth to say they are delaying their services due to weather conditions.  But I suppose I will learn to use it more effectively as such would a every day business man who also catch the same buses as me,  everyday of every week. Its part of life and I must adapt to it  in order to succeed the dream of freedom I venture for.

What I'm predicting this week will be filled with? Money and no life as i will begin my seven day a week( till end of the month) work session. Maybe then I can finally be the  selfish person  that i desire free from the burden of others. 

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