Monday, 28 November 2011

roller-coaster week

I'm pretty content of what has happened last week I got a lot of things done. It was sort of a roller-coaster week as at the start it began slow. than tuesday I had to say goodbye to two of my friends whom were flying back to be with their family for this coming holiday. afterwards I had to throw  out my now pointless pile of notes that i slaved over this pass year, and had to go out to get new things from the agglomeration of commercial stores for my new life. :P
 Although  I do wish I  could of done more.  I've just been so busy last week, and I will be even-more-so this week as I've got deadlines to meet: art portfolios, a painting to complete, a resume to write and an interview for uni at the end of the week. I hope I get them in on time. The irony is that what suppose  be  time for me to after a hard year of school is that I'm running around doing things with a relax mind. ...... But i knew this would happen anyways. Life doesn't stop for me, which I need to remind myself now and again. 

Whilst  during the busy week, I finally got my tower of notes up and standing before throwing it out. yes It was almost tall as me. and yes, it took a long time constructing it, purely because the A4 finder files kept slipping out( till I tied it with  string). 
Apart from that, I can pretty much sum it up as a very productive week.  at least it I'm use to it now, or i would of crumbled by the sheer pressure. Gahh.... that would be nasty. I just hope I get the time to read my book and learn more French.  But will I be able to when I already started up an art journal and working 5 days a week? Who knows..... Life is too short , so better do it now than later.  :P

If anyone has a bigger tower than me, please show me :P CAUTION: assembling a tower of notes without proper structure is potentially life-threatening as it can collapse and crush you. 
Also thanks to the people who supported my artwork at the New Arts Awards 2011. Even though didn't win the Public awards, or  was a finalist in the painting category, your contribution was still worth it. I can gladly say  I as in the top 10 ( unofficially)for the highest number of votes when it was tallied :)

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