Sunday, 18 December 2011


 Have you ever been so mad that it  controls you? Has  it ever perpetuate a character you do not wish to become? Or has it enable you strive for success, or the very goals that you set out to do . Emotions are what makes us humane but in another sense it can also makes us inhumane. Like many other homo sapiens, our emotions tie in with out intelligence. Therefore we are easily controlled, influenced and manipulated by our  own emotions.  our emotions is internal to our identity in being the human being.

Emotions can be used for great purposes.  These emotions we have are what makes us human or humane. When we  experience the feelings of kindness, caring and happiness we give a warm energy to the atmosphere which can brighten surrounding people.  We use them to convey an empathy for others. We use these emotions to feel the sense of pain and despair of another. It is how we can understand each other and  a way to let people out there they are not alone.  Emotions can bring out determination and motivation. The feeling of that sensation, that aura that needs to be channel into something productive. it can also create inspirations and dreams. 

But in another sense it can make us inhumane. Our emotions can control us and how we live. our emotions are mis-used for obtaining that invisible power and authority over others.  Our emotions can drive us to the walls, slamming ourselves and along with everyone else caught in its direction. It can inflict pain and sadness and a feeling of lost sense of purpose to yourself and others. It can crush dreams and the very future we hope to strive for. We lose ourselves as our feeling towards caring for others is erased so much like a chalk-duster wiping the chalk off the board.

Emotions of love can manipulate of who you are. It can make people do some crazy things in order to satisfy the desire( depending on gender), such as creating a character of what is completely opposite of yourself, or doing impulsive things, sometimes it can be threatening to one's health.  Emotions in love is what i called it a "hurricane." Beautiful yet destructive .  Beautiful as I saw a couple so happy as thiough everything was one with the universe, but I'm reminded of the sadness of relationship break-ups and divorce and so forth.

I think emotions if conjured in a negative way is truly the Achilles heels. Lately I've been doing that and I seriously have doubts on my future as the ATAR scores are drawing near. Panic attacks are getting more frequent. I can't change the past nor the future. My future is rested upon a ranking that I think is somewhat flawed- it does not show a person's capabilities and commitments in the real. I know there is more than having a giant brain and being timed in a stressed environment is not exactly like the stress at work. Trust me if you haven't.

Emotions can be positive and negative for one's mind. But imagine if all emotions were gone for a day. How interesting would be it. I would imagine it sounding like the speakers of the computer reading of what is written.


Marvin De Gracia said...

It is true that extreme emotions really make an individual irrational. Nonetheless, there are several ways to counter this phenomenon. When I was converted into a Christian, I used it to remove and release whatever evil intentions that dwelt in me. I do not know how rampant Christianity or religion as a whole in your country is but that is definitely one way to control irrationality.

Jacky Le said...

@Marvin De Garcia
Well in Australia religion is kind of dividing the nation. But definitely not rampant In politics oppositions use to persuade the older generation of civilians to vote for their party rather than the others because they represent the traditional good values of society. On another hand, for the younger generation, it is regarded as a brain-washing ideology that sets out to deprive individualism and the sanctions of freedom and free speech. Personally for me, I believe religion is essential but in a more diluted sense, such as retaining the morals of respect and kindness of each other.

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