Monday, 14 November 2011

"We" and the buildings.

Have you ever wondered how does a building feel when we're gone? Lonely I presume. We humans love our buildings. We build them,clean them and find ways to make them more majestic. In return they provide us with shelter, a home which protects us from the  heat of the sun, and the cold of the ice. Literally, we grow up in buildings.  They are like  our second parents whose role is to protect us from Mother-Nature. Without buildings we would be nothing- we would die much sooner without them.  In saying that our civilisation would of not exist. But  this also means buildings can't live without us. Yes, they need us as well as much as we need them! They need us to build them and the brains to even get it off the ground. So it makes me wonder- who came first, human civilisation or buildings? It's a bit like the chicken and the egg scenario. Nonetheless all I know is if we all to disappear, buildings will be lonely. Think about it. Have you ever walked into a what would-be a busy urban area that is quiet? Yes -it can be intimidating. Already  you feel like your alone, watched by something- a force that is peering someone in many thousands of glassy-eyes.  And imagine yourself not being there. That place would be  even more quiet. 
Without our presence they merely scars or  - sculptural reminders that epitomises man-kind control over nature( and I don't think Mother-Nature would like to have them around for  long once we're gone). Without us buildings  are vulnerable.   They will  corrode, their windows will shatter and eventually collapse as they are too old o carry on. it is like us at the end of s great age. we gotta let go. 

Today, i got inspired by the drawings I made using my leisure time- aka Free-time. 

So here are some drawings of buildings. I only used an artline pen( 0.4mm), a  brush, some water, blue highlighter ink, and pencil for guidelines on paper. I painted based on my mind, didn't had much reference point. I've tried to draw from different angles- to get the feel and texture. 
I find the patterns of buildings so fascinating. The way it is so structured, precise and same as to each floor. It makes me wonder if it is  exactly  precise in reality.These patterns I see are connects with other buildings. Its like forming into one giant building.  The windows make me wonder especially at night how many people there are and the fact many windows are all different stories. 
Techniques i've employed is hatching then picking up excess ink with water and spread it onto areas where it needs to be shaded in. I also attempted to dilute the blue highlighter ink by adding onto paper, then mix it with water before transferring onto the windows. I was trying to produce a subtle transparent blue to imitate the blue skies.

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