Thursday, 17 November 2011

Is it pretty?

Yesterday, while casually out in city streets I'd encountered a a peculiar scene. An elderly woman standing in a corner, at the place where the train station was linked to Myer . She was holding a can with a dollar coin hole on the top. Dressed in her uniform, she waited  for the donations that may never come. Was it worth it- to stand there everyday holding a can waiting for people to donate. I think  of this every time when I encounter her, at the same place. It makes me wonder whether people can actually see her.  Why? Because we walk past the problem as though we are actually blind. We think it is someone's problem therefore we  we think it has nothing do anything about it. this is termed by Douglas Adams as Somebody Else's Problem ( also known as SEP Effect). This made me think to an image I had seen earlier. Questioning whether who is blind. Society or the blind man. Click on here to see the image for yourself.

Sometimes I wonder whether we are all ugly within. We create a persona or an identity that mask our inhumanity  through our mannerism, make-up, and those layers of muscles. I thought it when I found out there was a Facebook group that highlighted the growing trend that to be beautiful is to be "hot." It is where you would be judged by others  with only just a picture that you send ( which highlights a minuscule part of who you actually  are.) To make it worse was they added humour with captions  such as "lick or brick" and "smash or bash" that pretty much implied a yes or no response , but on a critical level. But to be  honest, I had been expecting sooner of later groups like these would be popping up in social networking sites.  Recently society is becoming rather prejudice towards people with "undesirable" features but not the exactly racial prejudice, but on a overall view.  With new trends evolving and new words such as "bro", mirim" and "jelly"( which are becoming more based on appearance)  it's hard to break out of the trends. But I think its better to understand the trends before being swept away and losing yourself. It is so that when see things that are wrong we know when to stand up. We shouldn't treat ourselves like pieces of meat.  

This is is a drawing I drew of me. It is a self-portrait of what i think looks is me you  look like within. That is my inhumanity, my myself tainted in an ocean of sins. Do you think its pretty, or do you think the drawing is pretty?

I used Art-line pen and diluted ink on A4 paper

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