Friday, 11 November 2011

Back in the days...

So yesterday I have finally completed my WACE exams and I'm finally relieved to have been able to sleep without the fear of an upcoming test, exam, assessment, to wake up 4am to finish assignments or freak out that fact I will be late. And yeah I do have a lot of debt to be paid back I've  finally got the chance to do things that I wanted to do for so long and have already made a list- I'll share some later in another blog-post  Today in the mail today, and what in was my last letter from my school( I hope) which contain my "time capsule letters" that I had written  back in the days when  I was small and innocent- who was about to discover the life of a teenage life. 
These letters has a nostalgia over me; I remember things that I had forgotten nearly 5 years ago! What has shocked me is how much I've change and so  I can't believe these  were written by me. I've definitely gained weight, wear larger clothes size, I'm now 17, and my handwriting now highly cursive - all thanks to puberty!! ^^ 
 This is like a historical document because judging by the font of the text and the pictures, I can confidently say this is obviously from a 2003 MS format. Clearly indicates  of a rapid technological revolution that is re-defining our way of life. And i have a feeling it has just begun.

Boy, was I excited back then- to able to meet new people , cultures  and friends. I had a blast, well most of the time.  So now I'm thinking; the fact that those feelings of entering into a larger realm( high-school) is similar to what I'm feeling right now as I'm heading out towards the abyss ( the real life) . It makes me wonder as I question whether  history will repeat itself. Will I later on hate life just as the life of high-school? Or will it be different- I will continue to love entirely and seemingly like a flawless dream . If I say "No"  then I am naive- life is meant to be difficult.  Or will I say yes and let it happen- even though i know that path is not pretty? It makes me wonder both out of curiosity and fear.  time will tell as I will soon head for Uni.

Interesting to note is how terrible I was with my written expression. the word "see" brings me back to memories of when i kept using it because I did not had a clue there was other words with similar definition. . I guess I was forced to find them( otherwise i would fail).  Now it was required to use words other than "seen". There's perspective, observation, viewpoints, distinguish, direct and notice just to get by in test and examinations. But hey I don't mind; communication is essential for  to connect with our past, present and future. communication is what links time and space together. So now, until next time :)


GMoBBlogs said...

nice school blogs can wait to read more from u.. I just followed ur i will get updates..
follow me back too :)

Jacky Le said...

I do my best :). although, school is over for me. but hey, maybe uni blogs later on. until then, things question the world :)

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