Saturday, 19 November 2011

Votes for me?

Hey guys this an update to inform you I've entered an online competition( at short notice) called the New Art Awards at the internet site

Technically the competition earlier this year April and I had no clue about it till  three days ago. There is technically only three five days left for the votes to be tallied. But doesn't mean its too late to give votes to me and the others.  just click here and please "like" it. :P

And to those who have voted for me , thank you so much :). It means a lot to me as an amateur artist.
So right now, other then campaigning as though I want to be the next prime minister- preferably not- I've just went back to work.. things have changed since I had to stop 4-5 months ago, I've finally had the time  started drawing more, and  now trying to learn french- je parle anglais! so yeah, busy busy busy!!!

Also I will be entering into another competition soon and I hope I get in the top 10.  Wish me luck. I'll give you a hint of what I'm going for with this piece of inspiration. Don't worry, as time goes on, more will be reveal under this leafy veil.
P.S. Remember to vote if you can.


Samira Coelho said...

Lindo seu blog, visite o meu!

Jacky Le said...

@Samira Coelho
thanks. and yes, i have visited your blog. its looking good :)

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