Friday, 4 November 2011

This week so far....

So this week was the start of the  WACE exams, and already completed three of my five exams. I just can't wait till it is over( and i know I'm not the only one with that in mind).  This week somewhat what i imagine- a living nightmare. it's  mainly from the aftermath of the exams- yep', to see my face afterwards would make your day..... then there are the moments of getting to and from the exams( because all mine  are held externally) . I swear every time I went there something happens to me that is out of context.....first there was the process of listening to not ravens or corws, but native birds crying out. second was the round about- it re-defined what traffic meant for me. And thirdly discovering that the cafeteria sells fried chips( that i thought was extinct) YUM!!!!!
the place at first was intimidating because i never been there and I  didn't exactly  know where the place was.  So I googled mapped it- and spent 27 minutes trying to memorise the roads and the surroundings which was frustrating to manoeuvre around  in the map.  
Lately I have been eating a lot of sugary foods- fanta, sweets, cookies and fruits- which has been giving me the consequences of the sugary highs and lows. So I'm planning to stop tomorrow and eat savouries to balance it out. Got to otherwise I might faint if it hits to the extreme points,or so I heard!! and that reminds me. this week has marked the end for biology, Modern History and English. it's good to get rid of these diabolical subjects. 
Currently the flies are back- already I have killed 14 and they seem to be no end to them. The good news is my kill rate is higher than before- so watch out flies!!!! Also I managed to get back my artwork from school. So happy and posted underneath is my final production. It got me top marks!!!!
"Following the Journey of Human Creativity" - by Jacky Le
Mixed media on wood panel
" My work reflects the expanding creativity that has lead to the technological evolution of our  civilisation.  Inspired by the fact technology was inspired from one's  creativity, I want to show the dynamic cultural significance that creativity has given to people. This is expressed by the octopus in I used it as an analogy for our dynamism in ideas which started from rock paintings.  Using symbolism, i want to  convey the causes , the ways it impacts of y and the possibilities of creativity   on our civilisation in a positive means. I purposely retain the wooden textures of my support to suggest there is more room for creativity to grow. "

Underneath the layers of ink and paint, there is of course another story; the process of construction the art. There were times this work was a BITCH!!!!. Not only had time constraints but also just filling in other facets of human journey and composing in the right place to have balance, harmony so it doesn't conflict with the message. and then I had to consider the viscosity of the medium. too heavy and the ink or paint would be too intense and almost impossible to get rid of. Too thin and the water would eventually cause the wood to expand, twist and bend.  It's not finish( even though i said it was) which I will later on fix up and perhaps enter in some competition.

 Hope you like it, Now i just need to complete two more exams , then I'm done, forever!!! Good luck to WACE people( those who are still finishing theirs) and I'll post soon. 

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