Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween? This time not for me

Pumpkin Patch
by catch---2
I used this image to conceptualise the Halloween spirit- the atmosphere conveyed by the autumn and the feeling of the the contrasting cold  nights. 
So what exactly is halloween?
Halloween is an annual holiday tradition where people come out, dress up like some demoic creature of their choice- whether it be ghost, zombie, or vampire- and go around to parties, trick-or-treat , carve fanatical pumpkins and watch horror films. This annual tradition is held on the 31st of October( which is tomorrow.) Unfortunately this year I won’t be participating these activities other than the fact I’m gonna have to sit in a exam in the morning and then study for next one- straight afterwards. I guess you can say that is in itself a  scary thought. 

Right now I’m kind of hating halloween this year- the fact I  will have to answer the door  to the kids who are trick-or-treating while I’m studying.  And what’s worse is  the egg throwing. I despise egg throwers. They are like weeds in a garden. This is because when the egg dries up  it forms a layer- which is somewhat insoluble to the water. I think its due to the fat molecules, and the proteins binding  them into a cohesive layer( yes I have been studying chem). So really it's hard to clean up, particularly on the walls of your house. 

But like all cranky people, if I get egged I will be throwing my own batch  and probably  chase after them. That is if I’m stuck at home. I’m planning to go to the library- so I don’t get distracted. So yeah planning ahead. 

Even though I currently sound pessimistic its just that my Exams are at stake and I need to get into Uni. So yeah you can say I’m a little be nervous.. But I'll tell you this, I love halloween when it doesn’t clash with anything that is in stake. I can be creative. the most creative moment for halloween was when I  had carved a Jack-o-Lantern using a lemon. This was because pumpkins are hard to come by( as the seasons are different from the north.)But hey like they say: If the world gives you lemons, make lemonade.  It turned out alright- I was pleased. The only difference from the real thing was it was yellow. But I was still PROUD!!!! Besides, pumpkins were  substituted from turnips. Yes- the turnips were first used before the pumpkins came in.  This occured in england and Scotland. Later, it was discovered in North America pumpkins were a lot easier to carve then the turnips. I guess size does matter on this occasion....( ok awkward)

So for me this year, no Happy Halloween for me . But hey I hope you guys do have one yourself. Now I must go and study more. 

(NB: used this as an english study session)

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