Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday; the beginning of the end; liberation

Note: this is a representation of my sad moments at school,
 not a self-portrait of myself.
Tomorrow I begin my very last week of high school. It has finally begun!  I can already taste pure freedom; the feeling of liberation and the sound of the real world calling out to me . I can touch it and taste it with my taste buds. I am hungry for freedom. and that is why i'm forever alone... Just kidding. but seriously I wasn't kidding a  few months ago. To be bombarded with assessments with results commenting "your not performing the way you should be," it would make anyone conjure up   a feeling of hopelessness, made worse by the onset of losing seven hours of sleep each week.... it really does wreck your well-being.    Currently I am SANE! Never actually went insane if you ask me .... only just caused a dozen arguments here and there. Nothing too serious (as far as i can remember). What school taught me  about life is  you're never comfortable. you must make it comfortable through earning it  but even when your comfortable, it can be easily taken away through retributions.  You must constantly earn it in order to constantly be comfortable .

Currently I'm reviewing my memories of the times I was in lower school( year 8 to 10) and upper school(11-12) . I'll post about them later on and I think you may be surprised at the things i've done. no one is perfect btw so don't judge me. I think this week will be based on high school experience and don't worry. i'll post something about my high-school art life.  
p.s  I'm gonna get my results back from the "mock" exams - exams designed to prepare us for the final exams- which i think i'm gonna need some happy medicine. Just kidding ( that's why i'm forever alone).  but seriously, I kind of lost my motivation because I've now reached a point where i know enough of  myself that  these exams are not gonna define my capabilities in the real world. the real world is not an in-class assessment. atlas, I excited that its gonna be over soon. YAY!!!

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