Monday, 17 October 2011

I'm alive + year 8 memories

hello. I'm back.. and yes i'm alive and well. Today got my results back from the teachers today. the results were somewhat baffling. I don't know where to begin. you see, i had the intention of going to school with the feeling i would be failing Chemistry. To my astonishment i've passed my chemistry exam....... hooray!!!!!!! Unfortunately i failed my biology- that was a shocker. i guess it was my "off" day. nonetheless i passed my other subjects. I feel relieved but not proud - I mean i wished i could of done better but because  the circumstances that was presented to me - so i'm content at the results. 

so here's what i can remember in year 8
sorry i don't have any pictures. especially those times when i was in year 8, 2007. (p.s: i'm saving to buy my own camera)so for year 8 i remembered  was a coming of age year for me.entering high school meant meeting new people from other primary schools . this meant new minds, new values and new competition. It made me realise that there will always be someone that will do better than others.  Also  realised just how small I was compared the monstrous year 12's. at first i didn't understand why they look angry at us. i do now- we walked slow and complained at the most naive things( e.g; we thought one page of homework a night was bad- until we reached year 9( which i'll talk bout it later). in year 8 we saw where the final days where our innocence would become lost as we would  be twirled into the pot of Health Studies. That's right!!!! we learnt the things of the banana . Ironically i did a research  about Potassium for science and initially i didn't know why they found it funny when I said " banana's have a high potassium concentration compared to other foods."  It took me a few years to understand why... but I  don't see how can it be linked!
Also in year 8 I left for a holiday for 6 weeks during the first week of the term.  I'm not sure whether to be blessed with experiencing new places or cursed with the fact i had to catch up four weeks of assessments and forced to fit in a already changing year group- the circle of friends was becoming impenetrable to enter. but of course this is where I met my best friends. so yeah. year 8 I will remember as the year that foundered the start of who I am today and how i see of the world. but it would be year 9 that changed things even further. that will be later...

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