Friday, 14 October 2011

Art Review: Banksy- i just love his work

 Apparently this is - by the general public- his "self portrait"
. I love Banksy's work  i find his work very interesting because not only he challenges the westernised government's lack of empathy towards the developing nations, he challenges us for allowing it  and even promoting for the government's lack of response by juxtapositions the westernised lifestyle and the impoverished lifestyle  of third world countries.  in the work of the "mondays" you can distinctively see the contrast between our lifestyle and theirs. We whine about going to work represented by the clothing, while they worry about surviving; search for water, food and shelter. the colour obviously contrast the lifestyle: the bright colours imply our lifestyle is so utopian compared to their dull and somewhat ill-fated life represented in the barrenbackground. the face of the child is anger. obviously its a strong image because it symbolises the forced maturity of a child- the sense of innocence quickly taken away by life's hardship.  i'll quickly wrap this up by saying i will comment more of his stuff because i might bore you out but if you think i'm wrong about his work, that it challenges us ( and our humanism) then look at the child. would you like to be in this scenario? and further more check out his site. trust me its safe. and if you were wondering if i was advertising his work, i thought you would like to know Banksy believes advertisements is a social pollution, just like some people views towards graffiti art.


Dean Grey said...

Jacky Le!

Thanks for sharing his work with us.

While his art is definitely thought-provoking, I wonder is he being shocking just to be shocking (and generate sales) or does he genuinely care about these issues.



Jacky Le said...

thanks Dean. i sometimes do wonder as well. because people are not who they say they are. everyone has their story kept away in a cupboard. :)

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