Saturday, 22 October 2011

last days of high school.

 so yesterday was MY last day of high-school,  FOREVER!!!!! and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't miss it.  I took many pictures of my valedictory( held at Curtin) and second last of school- last day where we sit down learn( which we did not because we were busy taking pictures).i haven't been able to edit pictures( because i hate photoshop and still struggle with the basics) so mehh if you hate it. and sorry for not posting much this week. it has been far too busy to even make a decent post!!!! but enjoy:)
As you can tell i'm releived. Having received my sash- nearly putting it on myself when i wasn't suppose to- you can tell how  exhilariated at the fact that i have officslly graduated. at the valedictory night we were given blue-slik gowns, with zips. i didn't understand why i couldn't get things out of my pockets till i found out why.. quite embarassing for those few moments, in front of 400 parents and their 340 offspring's!!!
this is one of my favourite class ever- ART!!!!!. i will truely miss those moments that i place in my time capsule; those times when we laughed, cried, and even yelled at each other. and you guys( and you know who you are) were like a family. thnak you so much for these past 1-3 years. you've been such a family.
obviosuly in art we have to analyse. here is "facial expressions"- it's where you can see how  we experience different moods everyday and when we interact( by me holding onto Willa- )can distort it. this is how we the facets of high school does so while be go through maturation.
I think this says it all- people are awesome. This is because  we subconsciously describe people using the word "awesome"  . This is observed when I was  writing messages in people's yearbook, shirt and cards also don't you think my glasses are awesome? It's like my unique characteristic- that I wear Silver Sci-fi glasses. so its a like my trademark. But i don't it will be later on.
Also my chem' teacher is awesome because of the fact he has a moustache. Because it's so unique  we got him a mug with moustache pictures around it and a moustache comb. p.s "moustache season" is coming up and i think its awesome that people with moustaches are getting represented in a positive light. 

When it comes to muck up day( a tradition where you break the rules on the last day), many are  keen to get last minute preparations. what i observed was many people -in fact more than half- were coming in at the last minute. and you know what they say: first come, first serve. Luckily I got the good stuff few days before they ran out such as silly string.  The things we bought( i tagged along with friends) were big and large - and quite frankly random to a passer's eye. and to carry it ,using public transport before  walking home in the dead night  may make you ask why? as I like to say" grand ideas need great dedication, and commitment in order to succeed"- and we did!!! So it was worth it !!! We went "wild" in the early morning. p.s my pranks involved water.  I'll show you the results in another post. but yeah this week has been very  busy and fun!!!

so in conculsion. i must say this week has been far too busy for me to write anything else up. sorry for those who were waiting but yeah, i was finishing a very important last page of a my high school chapter story of my life.  remember you guys- CARPE DIEM!!!!!

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