Monday, 24 October 2011

Geography- come to dreams are made of

These people- alexis, Chamaka, Yin, Josh, Kirstyn, Nicole, Larissa( did not forget about you) and our beloved Ms. Rowell( one and only teacher whose handwriting is out of this world)-in my Geography class were the ones that actually kept me continuing the course . On many occasions I contemplated on quitting. But I stayed. Why? Because these guys are perhaps the most amazing people I had ever met and it would be a shame to not experience the fun times made this year. What this class distinguished from other classes was the fact we were close-nip . also we had a super-cool nickname. we were called GEODUDES!!!!!- pretty neat don't ya' reckon'?
Each of us bought in a special part of ourseleves and shared with the class. and biy they were the fun and happy moments of my high-school memories.  i enjoyed the times we learnt about the city of dreams: new York( planning for set date soon).I will miss way we interpret things outside the box such as,"why can't we  have a treasure hunt using our geographical/fieldwork skills?" and witty quotes  such as "magic monsoon" and the infamous phrase: geography is dynamic!
 I remember coming into class and  asking " is this the geography for stage two year 11?"  that was my first words.  the class i saw was full and almost crowded. never in my life I felt squashed as i had to sit in the front with little room to sit in comfort. slowly we dropped like flies( i wonder why?{ sarcastic tone}) as the people left one by one. i remember vividly one excursion that caught my attention. the mines to aloca. a woman compared the mines wit KFC that chickens must be real chicken. Strangely enough everyone actually caught attention to what she was saying- because we were hungry- and what's even more funny is the fact birds seem to haunt us as time went on.Most remembered was we buried a headless bird during class:\..... yes we did. i had to show them "how to dig a hole." but hey  we aim high and dream high in the sky. that's why we did interesting things!!!

this picture is just an example of the Random things happened inside and outside of geography class. Alexis: Yin, where's your shoe? Yin: I lost my shoe. that was a funny moment when we suddenly realised the dry lake bed wasn't really dry at all. awkward if you asked m. the only person to not sink in was josh.... Our shoes except his ended up soaked in mud!!!! i will definitely remember the other random crap we had in our class  such as realising the roof of our class had straws to insulate the heat and that we couldnt' use the heaters...... that I will not miss the cold days( and it was really cold)and i certainly will not miss case studies, especially when it got to the point had one due every single week. Late nights are not good for the health of ones's mind and its sanity. 

we rock!!!!an certainly we did. geography we did!!!
We learnt so many things and  we can stand high above the table as we've  conquered it.  We learnt that PERTH was unique in its site and situation, and discovered that site and situation was a completely different word from each other. We discovered 'el nino' was a guy's and 'la nina' was a girl's name . we also discovered exams were pointless pieces of paper that contradicted the ideas of environmental sustainability as each booklet needed about 50 pieces of paper. And what we discovered- which was the best of all- we were something more than a class. we were like family. we survived through the harshest of times, bearing the sad and lonely times and helped each other along the way. thanks guys. you guys made my day shine!!!!

In this picture Yin has carefully slipped the egg out of its shell in one piece by this special technique( which i cannot exactly remember what was it called). We also collected shells and took plenty of random pictures of buildings and land. You see in Geography, taking pictures was a must to prove your argument. its like diagrams in our assessments- we need to use in order to not lose four marks.  and   I discovered what our teacher. Ms. Rowell meant by "geography is dynamic". not only we learn things in Geography but also learn other interesting( maybe pointless to you) but insightful things from each other. for example the egg technique. I have yet to perfect it.  

I will remember Larissa's "jelly" quotes and Joshua's mathematical genius ( p.s i can't believe you wrote 6+1=3) . I will remember Yin's fascination of how the world's works and  I will remember Alexis's patience and her out of nowhere celebrations. I will remember  Chamaka's mocha drinks  when he brings them to class . I will remember Kirstyn as our only  hope of carrying the A grade and  will remember Nicole for her general support in everywhere. But most of all I will definitely remember our teacher's cursive handwriting when she annotated our assessments, in RED!!!!!

As we look towards the future, I can't help but feel sad that I will be leaving them. I will miss  everything of it no matter good or bad it was. it is something I will not trade no matter the economic, social, political or environmental cost. as the waves  pulls back into the blue, its mouth frothing onto the sand, i can sense  my life will be somewhat quieter without these guys. they have been a part of my life, my experience and of course my journey in becoming what I am in this world. as i head into the  future waiting in the horizon, all i can say is YOU GUYS( and you know who you are) were the best!!!! thank you so much. you were the class that anyone would dream of having!!!! 

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