Monday, 10 October 2011

Fun day but i just hate that shirt

Ok, so i didn't post one yesterday; i was out watching a game.  :)
it was great; nice to go out and spend time in the sun and have fun.
it was even more awesome when the Glory team won (about time .) but there were not so awesome moment. there was this person who was wearing this disgraceful T-shirt. it was a white T and had (quote): I don't discriminate. I hate everyone!
like seriously, its not cool!!!(particularly to those who are thinking of wearing it)i can not believe what i had saw. this person wearing this T-shirt with this message of hate and the underlying idea racism is justified because you hate everyone  makes me sick and i wasn't the one. i whispers of " that's so strong, its not even funny," from people around me. the fact the person had the balls to walk out as though he was proud of it, through a multicultural crowd shocks me. 
did a quick research and  i realise is accepted in mainstream society. you can literally purchase this for $25;online (please don't!!! waste of money). It is to satirise the notions of equality by saying "its not discrimination i see it as hating everyone" . although i'm understand on how it can be funny(personally don't!!), i don't understand why should it be seen in public, when the statement is way ahead of our time? why should you wear in front of people from different cultural background. why do you have to wear it in front of kids who don't even know what the word racism and discrimination is.  You can wear it at home or around with friends who understand the "humour" but  not in the eyes of the public. not the eyes of people who have endured discrimination and inequality throughout their whole life, until recently. And especially not in this time period!!!!! we're only just then made racism unacceptable. and its still fragile!!!
anyways, i won't  let those silly things get me; i know i had a fun day. i hope you see my viewpoint, even to some extent.

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