Saturday, 8 October 2011

feeling slow-mo

Hey, sup again, so earlier this morning i already told you about my dream- it was quite an experience- and how it 'shaken' up my shoes. I would like to gladly tell i'm feeling much better; relax, calm and stable.
so today nothing really happened apart from a slice of life from a pizza :) yummmmm. other than that it  has been a sluggish day for me. especially when it came to do things. I tried to organised my file system( which involves me sorting out papers into 10 A4 binder files) - but  gave up after an hour. the whole crap is still there, unfortunately. :( but i'll promise at the end of the year all of it is going into the recycling bin.   [ P.S: please recycle. its better for all of us ]
 What I  felt was I didn't have much energy to do stuff. maybe its because my body is still catching up sleep-debt. nonetheless i was tired; yesterday had to do stuff and last night i didn't get a good sleep.
what I could do was  making notes. ...... not discussing that further.
anyways the new episode of  one piece is coming out tonight. i can't wait. literally. earlier it said 7pm but now its says 9pm. i sometimes believe that was deliberate as a way for moire viewers to watch other episodes before the new one is released. yes its like me thinking of conspiracy theories, which is strange for me- i usually don't think of conspiracy theories.
anyways , this is all i could think of today, in this evening.

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