Tuesday, 11 October 2011

dishes- emotionally invigorating?

So yesterday I was washing the dishes and i thought myself how vital it is in everyday society. I believe dishes is a part of life's chores even though doing the dishes feels like  life sentence. but this is due to the fact I do them in the crappiest mood ,and next to a clock that has the second hand moving at a constant speed( not "tick" "tick" "tick") But then i realise the reasons why its coidiencedently there is when it really needs to be done, like whenI run out of bowls. ....( please don't judge me)
 I also realised there are moments when i'm in a good mood - which i forget because they are neutral; memories, like walking to school or catching the bus ...... when i'm emotionally stable..... when i'm not sleep-deprived.
The fun part ( and yes it sounds sad) is when I dry them. the shine of the freshly washed surface, the slick-pure metallic handles and the arousing circular forks is like a swan bursting with pride from its former ugly ducking self. ..... yes it is highly descriptive ;and no, you've just got a dirty mind.
anyways, after that later on my cousin made green macaroons for me. and my they were delicious- even never tried them before- the texture and the appearance was exactly what the " Masterchef australia" described- hard on the inside which easily breaks through into a sweet soft concoction  of goodliness.
but that also brings to mind; don't eat too much of them. i did because they were so tasty but at night and think my body couldn't take that much sweetness and the ingredients; the recipe must've had rich ingredients.

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