Friday, 7 October 2011

awake- escaping the nightmare

like WOW!!!!. last night i had a seriously awful nightmare. I was in my class receiving my results and then got a bad result of 44%. literally i chucked a spaz because naturally you would if you realised that it was your exam result. then suddenly had this friend of mine attack me accusing me of been hypocritical because i " annoying them with my whinging", and she then goes onto saying about my other results and how it was reflecting me. Instantly I lost it and yelled back at her saying i was hypocritical for the right reason( the results wee counting towards my final marks) and quickly criticise her for been because she brought in my other results( which i did had a feeling about it). the situation was so bad that i had to storm out of the class before destroying the class. the scary thing was it felt so real ;like final destination, except with the deaths and gore. what concerns me is this is how i would react in real life if this scenario happanes. i  hope its not that "de ja vu" scenario. gosh that can get ugly.
Naturally you would think nightmares are about the violence and gore, how the media portrays it as an inhumane genre. i find nightmares in the media over-done and fabricated. nightmares can be anything other than violence and gore.. nightmares can be anything really.  they. are like a "imagine yourself" in a situation that your uncomfortable with and would never imagine yourself to be in.  what remains the same is their version of reality is designated to inflict pain , psychologically. 
anyways, ill another  blog later on the day because the nightmare is just one part of morning.

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