Thursday, 13 October 2011

the dog, the bird and the neighbours.

I'm currently almost to the brink of losing it!!! 
you see the past two months, the neighbours' dogs have become more vocal ( made worse by the highly emotional exam stress). at first I thought it was me because it seem to occur when I was at home..... until I realised they still bark when I'm away..... and the fact I'm not the only one who has the same viewpoint( thanks mum and dad). Then I thought it was spring and they might suffer some allergy such as hay-fever( dogs are renowned for having highly sensitive nose). But unfortunately it is not the case. It turns out  the birds have been stepping in their "territory". because the neighbours have beautiful and exotic flowers , birds like to come and have a drink or two from the sweet nectar. It's understandable because it means new birdies are gonna pop out of  their shells soon- evident by see eggshells falling from the trees, gently gliding through the breeze- because its part of the natural cycle.  But for the dogs; I seriously had enough of this excessive barking. It's now to  the point where I'm literally shouting the dogs directly to shut up( when the neighbours are not there. What's disappointing is the neighbours even though they know they are too loud they haven't really addressed the problem. I hear them ordering the dogs to "be quiet" and "sit" to the dogs.But what do the dogs do in return? they bark even louder before following their orders. I swear the dogs are becoming more louder each day!!!! grrrrrrr. I'm not trying to be a "Bitch" but seriously, dogs are meant to be promoting a good lifestyle, not harming them. we domestic dogs as our companions for life or in time when we are alone. it is so it benefits the owner- it is like a symbiosis relationship. 
nonetheless I shall be glad it will be over soon( which will) when my stress levels go back to normal

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