Thursday, 6 October 2011

time does fly; so does the phone calls

So this week so far has been ok. :/
and just then realised its thursday; i was reading my calendar when i found out. .... wish it was wednesday.  there's so much to do in so such a short amount of time .
it was emphasised when today i realised it was my friend's birthday.. like wow; clearly indicates i gotta slow down and the time more often.
hopefully I can get this  site up and running in legit style because really, i need to do something once the exams are over. When it occurs I will be liberated and takeover the world...... JOKES ( trollface). but seriously, once school is over i shall take control of my own life, so technically my own world, not yours. so don't be threatened, unless you threatened me .
then i get a phone call and this is like a message telling me i need to keep up with the pace. jeez , like they haven't told me that before. at least t wasn't those telemarketers. no offense if your one of them but seriously i wish you couldn't call me when i'm at my worse.  and when i listen to you, i sometimes end up over 5 minutes thinking its 1 minute. so like yeah, time does fly. and that reminds me, the flies are coming back soon. gosh, i hate them so much!!!
do you like time flying thorugh you or just the flies?

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